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People say that our team is special

People like the inclusive environment we have created. We value difference, acknowledging the value each of us bring we work together to achieve the very best for our clients.

As a business we keep things simple

Our transparent culture and belief in what we are doing works, as we continue to successfully compete with some of the most established names in the business.

Your future is bright

At eg.1 we excel because of the precision and rigour of our research, which is conducted using an exceptional process by highly talented people with industry expertise. When you join eg.1 you not only get the opportunity to work with our amazing network of clients but also our industry experts.

What we look for from our team

We don’t have an ‘up or out’ culture; we collaborate and encourage each other to be brilliant. This doesn’t mean you have to move into a job you don’t like but to work for us you do need that natural inclination to be exceptional. We look for energetic, ambitious and entrepreneurial problem solvers.

This is not a FTSE 100 firm and you won’t have your hand held every step of the way; if you are good you’ll go far, if not you’ll go to one of our competitors…


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