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Our previous work

We have helped leading organisations achieve success through our executive search and market intelligence. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at a few of our case studies to find out more…

Strategy, Digital & Design Practice Leader for a Leading Consulting Company, Italy

Our client, a leading consultancy based in Italy, brought eg.1 in to identify and attract a Partner-level candidate to lead its newly created Strategy, Digital & Design practice.

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European Life Sciences Lead Partner

Our client, a global multi-disciplinary professional services firm, retained eg.1 to identify, attract, assess and appoint a Senior Partner to lead its European Life Sciences practice, as a key driver of its ongoing growth in the region.

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From Lab to Patient

Over recent years the global life sciences industry has been increasingly focused on the discovery, development and marketing of cutting edge medicines and products. An area of paramount importance considering the supply chain is the primary link between the laboratory and the patient.

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Healthcare Partner Case Study

Our client, a global multi-disciplinary professional services firm specialising in built asset management, wished to elevate its well-respected UK healthcare team, through the acquisition of a game changing Partner.

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The Scientific Marketer

It is too obvious to open with the unprecedented changes happening in the global life sciences industry. It is probably more pertinent to focus on what this means at a granular level, how these changes are impacting people and specifically leadership. Are organisations identifying and nurturing the right capabilities, in the right areas?

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Taking advantage of a changing market

The healthcare and life sciences industries are experiencing unprecedented change on all fronts, ranging from the widespread repercussions of the patent cliff to the growing reconceptualization of the patient as consumer.

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Building a successful consulting practice

Our client – a premier global professional services firms – wished to considerably grow its CRM consulting footprint in Germany and across EMEA with a key focus on its advisory services.

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IT Strategy; MBB Firm

Despite having been to market through a number of channels, including other search firms, our client has had challenges in acquiring IT strategy capability at one and two below partner levels. eg.1 was asked to identify, attract and present world-class people with experience in delivering strategic IT engagements to elevate our client’s IT Strategy practice.

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A new Leader in DC Pensions

The pensions market is seeing unprecedented levels of change. Traditional ways of serving this industry are under threat and points of differentiation are at a premium. Our client needed to diversify its service offerings to remain at the forefront of the pensions advisory market. In response, they devised a leading edge broad DC pensions product.

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A challenge for dominance

In 2014 our client, the UK CEO of a global software development company, committed to growing its UK commercial position and standing against a larger and more dominant competitor.  Underpinning this initiative was the ambition to better understand the current market position of prospective clients and to provide leading edge, competitive and current intelligence to their internal sales teams.

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