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The Challenge

In 2014 our client, the UK CEO of a global software development company, committed to growing its UK commercial position and standing against a larger and more dominant competitor.  Underpinning this initiative was the ambition to better understand the current market position of prospective clients and to provide leading edge, competitive and current intelligence to their internal sales teams.

The Solution

Our client engaged eg.1 to interrogate the FTSE 350 and additional named private companies in order to obtain and rank the following information from each organisation:

Obtaining the above information in a completely accurate and current state was business critical to our client as it enabled them to develop a coherent and targeted sales strategy for the forthcoming fiscal year. It was imperative that the information was presented to the client in an interrogable format that demonstrated content not readily available in public forums.

eg.1 was tasked to identify the relevant stakeholders in each organisation and approach and engage them to provide our client with information and data of unsurpassable quality and accuracy.

It was our ability to effectively articulate our client’s requirements to both technical and business experts across a wide variety of sectors that gave us the credibility to be trusted by the organisations that we approached. As such, we could readily segment markets and organisations to differentiate them, highlight commercial opportunities and make recommendations as to who our client should prioritise and target.

The Outcome

The outcome was significant. Our stakeholder’s reputation within his organisation has grown greatly and his sales team feels better positioned to understand their target organisations and markets and to make more informed commercial decisions. Our client received market insights surpassing their expectations in a fully informed report format available to all of their leadership and sales teams. This report was presented to our client’s global president who subsequently contacted us to discuss the viability of a similar exercise in overseas markets. The client re-engaged us to discuss a ‘phase two’ of the project and how our research capacity can support their approach to market.