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The challenge

Our client, a global multi-disciplinary professional services firm specialising in built asset management, wished to elevate its well-respected UK healthcare team, through the acquisition of a game changing Partner. The business wished to invest and grow a more technically led services capability with a strategic advisory focus. This would enable the firm to penetrate new areas of the healthcare sector and ultimately ascend the value chain within major healthcare organisations such as the NHS. The challenge was that of heritage, market perception and internal capability to take the practice on this transformational journey. Our client’s heritage and reputation is strongest in technical engineering services. As such, our client was seeking a leading transformational talent – a game changing individual who would lead and inspire both an internal and external strategic step change and be responsible for building and growing a new business within the healthcare practice.

The solution

We understood that the search for this game changing individual, who would be responsible for penetrating new areas of the healthcare sector and leading strategic advisory propositions, would extend to those individuals who came from a more classic management consulting background. The eg.1 team set about to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the UK healthcare landscape, including providers, payers, commissioners, professional services organisations and corporates to identify individuals with game changing attributes who would challenge traditional thinking, change market perception and lead a strategic shift for our client. This exercise provided eg.1 with valuable market intelligence and business insight for which we were able to advise our client, enabling them to make informed decisions about target organisations and individual targets. We were able to engage and intrigue individuals from a range of organisations, acting as an extension of our client’s brand and a conduit to the external market.

The outcome

eg.1 successfully identified an extended shortlist of high calibre candidates all with different positive attributes. Two of these individuals moved through the client executive interview process with one being successfully appointed, the other remaining in the process for a potential second position. Our client now has an individual who has the experience, skills, ability to grow and build a technology capability, augmenting the existing team, penetrating new areas of the sector and providing our client access to C-level executives, particularly CIO’s and CTO’s across the NHS but also the private healthcare sector in the UK.   Not only did we successfully provide our client with this individual, we also elevated our client’s brand across the UK healthcare consulting sector and helped to change market perception. Individuals we spoke to across the market who traditionally understood our client to be a technically, engineering led firm are now aware of the strategic advisory work they conduct across the sector.