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We have helped leading organisations achieve success through our executive search and market intelligence. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at a few of our case studies to find out more…

Private Equity Deals double in value to $1.1 trillion

Private equity deal values doubled at the end of 2021, reaching $1.1 trillion (£892 billion). But what has been driving the boom? And what are the most lucrative opportunities? Covid

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Is loneliness an employer’s problem?

Loneliness is the central theme to Mental Health Awareness Week this year, and as employers we need to ask ourselves what we can do to support employees more effectively. With

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Top Three Tech Trends to Watch

Technology has an incredible ability to dazzle and utilised correctly it gives organisations a significant competitive advantage. Yet it can be hard to distinguish between what technology is a fad

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It’s not the robots you should be worried about

Criminals are taking advantage of businesses being on the back-foot when it comes to recent rapid developments in work and consumer habits. And businesses are fighting back, by ramping up

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From the Great Resignation to the Great Attraction

The “Great Resignation” is a concern for many businesses at present, with research indicating that more than 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their employer this year. During

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What next for Russian consultants?

The Big Four have more than 15,000 staff and partners in Russia, and alongside other consultancies, many have pulled operations out of the country in light of the conflict in

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A working Mother’s wish list…

This Mother’s Day, what many working mothers really want is parity in the workplace. The same opportunity as their colleagues to achieve career progression, equal pay, support from their employer

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Speak up and step out: Let’s break the bias this International Women’s Day

The theme of International Women’s Day (IWD) on 8th March is “break the bias” and at eg.1, we decided to use this moment for reflection. As specialists in helping organisations

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Where consultancies get it wrong

It was in the bag, yet your consultancy failed to secure the client. So, before you rinse and repeat, take time to consider where it went wrong. Your expertise isn’t

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Complacency excludes ‘Governance’ from ESG

Governance data, unlike environmental or social data, has been compiled by businesses for a while. The criterion of good governance is generally understood and accepted, so the ‘G’ is often

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