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eg.1/PWN – our ultimate aim is “to change the culture by changing the conversation”.

“Let’s focus on not just the minority but also the majority”.

For years we have talked about “diversity” and historically, the focus on this has been driven by political, legal and moral issues. However, instead of just focusing on diversity, we need to now turn our attention to inclusion. No longer is it enough to just hire people who are different, we have to proactively engage those people and encourage them to participate to the best of their ability and to bring them into the conversation. We have to be accepting of, leverage and learn from everyone’s perspectives and insights.

This eg.1/PWN series will:

– Assess the business imperatives of fostering a culture of inclusion. How can inclusiveness foster improved business performance?

– Outline the talent strategies needed to engage diverse groups within and outside the organisation. How important is an organisation’s culture and values in attracting talent?

– Explore successful case studies and the best “how to” methods

– Develop the necessary strategies and tools for implementation by understanding the business imperatives and challenges of organisations

Like to know more? Please contact Sarah Sanderson at or on 0207 637 4500.