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Private equity deal values doubled at the end of 2021, reaching $1.1 trillion (£892 billion).

But what has been driving the boom? And what are the most lucrative opportunities?

Pent up demand, high levels of dry powder and robust markets are driving the current boom in private equity deals. But with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and soaring inflation levels, activity in 2022 year may not surpass last year’s record-breaking figures. However, it’s clear that investment opportunities are still in abundance.

Consultancies are keen to get in on the action, helping private equity firms and investors to source lucrative deals. Advising on everything from growth opportunities and areas of risk to preparations required for IPO and M&A activity. Against a tumultuous global and economic backdrop, investors have to be rigorous with their portfolios. But with a wealth of deals still to be made, private equity opportunities remain plentiful.